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MGM Agri

Wolseley ultra gloss mane & tail conditioner & detangler

Wolseley ultra gloss mane & tail conditioner & detangler

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Mane n Tail

Gloss Spray for tail and mane!
Choosing Ultra Gloss, is choosing a superb quality product! Almost no other product in the world combines the 7 most important properties for a shiny and voluminous look. There is no better product for a competition, show or any other event, than Ultra Gloss. Ultra Gloss dries quickly, detangles fast, is easy combable, gives hair great volume, a wonderful shine, it does not attract dirt and has an non-sticky W/O water-oil formula, made with micronised silicones. All these properties and the fair, attractive price, will make Ultra Gloss your favorite product.

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