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MGM Agri

Eggbutt Mullen Snaffle

Eggbutt Mullen Snaffle

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Eggbutt snaffle with mullen mouthpiece, made from stainless steel using the investment cast, lost wax method for the highest quality finish. Mullen mouth bits are considered to be one of the kindest, as the gentle curve allows more room for the tongue than a straight bar, and does not put pressure on the palette. The mullen mouthpiece of the bit will put some pressure on the bares of the horse mouth, so even with such a mild bit the rider needs to make sure excessive or constant pressure is not applied (as with any bit) with this snaffle or the bars may become numb over time. The eggbutt mullen snaffle is one of the simplest bits, and good for novice riders and horses as the eggbutt cheek prevents too much vibration from the riders rein being felt by the horse.

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