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Botanica Natural Herbal Cream

Botanica Natural Herbal Cream

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Botanical Herbal Cream is beneficial on a wide range of skin conditions i.e.: cuts, grazes, rain scald, mud rash, cracked sore heels, girt scaled etc. When using Botanical Herbal Cream, wounds recuperate at a faster rate. This cream can help keep skin feeling smooth and supple. Botanical Herbal Cream has a relaxing effect on sore tendons while soothing muscular aches. The cream contains a natural insect repellent and is very effective, safe, and environmentally friendly.

Botanical Herbal Cream is a combination of 100% natural herbal ingredients which have been specifically selected and blended to create a cream that feeds and encourages healthy skin. Using the power of nature Botanical Herbal Cream promotes an effective and complete recovery.

Botanical Herbal Cream Contains
Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Oil of Lavender, Neem Oil and Cedarwood.

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